Our vineyards are 18 hectares in extent and the predominant Oakleaf and Clovelly soil types are ideally suited for the production of red wines. Soil tests were undertaken in March 2001 by Spine van Niekerk from Elsenburg Agricultural College, and in consultation with our viticulturist, the varietals were strategically planted according to the appropriate terroir. Lola’s passion for Bordeaux style wines led to the planting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Shiraz has also been planted in 2001 and the first wines were produced from this block in 2004.

Our vineyards are personally cared for and nurtured by Bertus de Clerk and his expert team. Bertus de Clerk also planted the vineyards.

Our farm's annual production of grapes is approximately 150 tons, with 90% sold to wine producing cellars and the balance delivered to our own boutique cellar, resulting in about 12-15 thousand bottles of boutique wine produced annually. With adequate water we can increase our production without any loss in quality, and irrigation is managed scientifically using Aquacheck probes, which utilise an Aquawave GPRS unit that feeds into the Irricheck Irrigation system server every hour, providing irrigation recommendations every two hours. The resultant report allows us to produce for quality or for enhanced volume.

Our farming operations are conducted according to best farming practices, and adhere to The Guidelines for the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) as far as possible. The IPW system is one of the best, recognised internationally for its monitoring and statistical features from start to finish of the wine production process. All sprays used are registered agricultural sprays. Our farm registration number is 08129 under the name of Mitre’s Edge. Our Producer Number is 13140 as designated by The Wine and Spirits Board. Our winery number is A1165 (this number is indicated on all back labels of packaged wine).

We contracted the viticultural consulting services of Paul Wallace during our developmental phase (1999 to 2006), and subsequently secured the services of Francois Roux from Agricultural Consultors International from 2007 for our operational and production phases. Francois Roux left in 2011 to go back to his family farm, and Danie Kritzinger from Agrimotion Consulting is our current viticulturist.

Bernard has been responsible for all project and operational management since launching this venture, and we have undertaken to farm and produce wine with a commitment to quality and sustainability. Bernard completed the latest IPW course for Farms and Cellars in 2016, which has helped increase our overall points rating. He also completed The Confronting Climate Change Course in 2016, and conducted our first audit shortly thereafter.

Lola worked at Warwick from 1988 through to mid-1994, when her and Bernard's daughter, Jenny, was born. Warwick produced Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Trilogy (a blend of the aforementioned) and Chardonnay. She also worked for Jacques Seysses at Domain Dujac in Morey St. Denis (near Chevrey Chambertin) in Burgundy, in the 1989 season. Domain Dujac is well known for its Pinot Noir, and the wine is made from different growths, including first growth.

Lola received her Dip 2 from the Cape Wine Academy in 1993 and intends to study for her Cape Wine Masters.

Our First Bordeaux Style Blend

In 2015 we released our first Bordeaux style blend, “Sholto”, in memory of Lola’s father, Martin Sholto Hunting, who passed on his legacy and meticulous passion for farming to the next generation. “Sholto” has Gaelic origins and appropriately means “sower”, reflecting the many years of hard work he invested in planting and nurturing our vines, affording us the privilege of creating and sharing unique and special wines.

This is red wine terroir, par excellence, and special care is taken in the vineyards through meticulously cultivating, pruning and harvesting by hand – a labour of love managed by Bertus de Clerk and Bernard.

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